Streamers LLC

What Can Streamers LLC Do For Me?

Streamers LLC encompasses a variety of business units that leverage the diverse and complementary skill sets of its founders, Gloria Gogin-Maloy and Peter Maloy. Gloria operates online and bricks and mortar retail and wholesale outlets covering apparel, furniture and furnishings, and specialist gifts. Peter provides marketing and website leadership, building on thirty years of software development in areas such as Hard disk drives, GPS and Game Console prototyping, Online Password Manager coding, and ecommerce website design, implementation and management.

Children's Clothing Websites

We ship children's clothing throughout the US and Internationally, carrying close to 700 different product lines out of a 1500 sqft warehouse. All the merchandise is sold through custom websites designed and implemented by Streamers LLC. The sites include customer-facing and warehouse fulfillment sections, and originally included credit card processing and shipping calculators, but these have now been outsourced to a third party via api calls. This arrangement means there are zero PCI compliance risks on our servers and business operations, and is a solution that we have successfully applied to our client's ecommerce systems.

Our children's clothing sites can be found at and

Website Hosting

All sites use https encrypted traffic, and are hosted on servers located in two separate locations with hot-fail backup - if the primary server is unreachable for any reason, traffic switches over automatically to the backup server. Files and databases are continuously replicated between the two servers for minimal service disruption.

For sites that we deploy, we use a methodology based on Etsy's deployment system - all changes are made to a test system, and only made visible to the public after all tests pass. If depsite the testing the changes are seen to cause problems in production, reverting to the previous version of the server can be accomplished with a single command.

Laser Custom Gifts

As a somewhat quirky aside to the retail and website sides of the Streamers business, we also create and sell a variety of items using an industrial laser cutter/engraver. These can be found on Etsy, and in every case can be customized to your requirements.